I decided to keep this page complitely free.
Here I share with you ongoing and unpublished projects, ideas, brainstormings
and whatever I feel it’s ready to be shared.
Sharing is an important process that can help an artist developing his/her ideas further.
I hope this approach can lead you to freely share your opinions too (shared approach),
giving life to a respectful and sustainable feedback ︎

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My new Sample Pack made for ACXS is now available on Bandcamp!

“Music for Five Granulators” is the artist's attempt to pay honor to his own fallacious part and to the most chaotic part of himself and his emotional expressiveness.
The album consists of six tracks extracted from the various plays taken from ATŌMI closing ritual of each recording session, letting his creativity flow, through the relationship between gestures and instrument. Plus four tracks composed using samples from the sample pack, inserted into five different granulators, set to have various timbral, harmonic and modulation results, with a variety of parameters controlled in real-time by the artist.

In this sample pack you can find three groups of samples: Organic, Synthetic and Vocal.

For the Organic samples I have mainly used my DIY Kalimba, in different setups and configurations, routed to the Prime13 mixer with the spring reverb in aux S/R, passing through several Max4live plugins chains, similar to the ones I use in my performances and playing with the feedback loop from my instrument’s ground noise and the spring reverb saturation.

Regarding the Synthetic samples I have recorded my Lyra8 from SOMA Synth. I found it very interesting to playing with the transients’ saturation and pre-amp noise, other than adding drive distortion using the OTO machine BAUM as well as boutique pedal efx such as: AMA by Acnoises, Bitquest by Dr.Scientist and Polara/Obscura by Digi-tech.

The last pack might sounds similar to the more drony samples of Lyra8, but instead is my voice, captured by Schertler contact microphone and routed into the Prime13 and Spring Reverb to enhance its resonances and cinematic drone atmospheres.

Hope you enjoy!


I had the chance to set up a quadraphonic system needed to deepen my researches about the spatial audio-video performance I'm currently designing with a multi-media team of artists based in Turin [IT].

The experience was pure magic and pretty emotional to me after almost two years of work on this project.
My setup currently consist of an Ableton Live 11 project based on a semi auto-generative processes mapped to the Keith Mcmillen Quneo controller that allows me to fully shape and perform the whole set in a quadraphonic environment.

I decided to share an excerpt, decoding the quad. audio into binaural to make it accessible to you via headphones.

Here is an hint of the generative visuals designed by Riccardo Franco-loiri with Touch Designer for my latest album’s AV performance, that will feature him on stage with me, sharing an immersive and interactive AV performance.