ATME represents the act of breathing, and through it, welcoming within oneself the outside-unknown.

ATME is the act of contaminating and being contaminated, cross-pollination, transdisciplinarity.

ATME Records is not just a record label, it is a process of parsimonious curation and research that aims to question the contemporary art industry, its environmental and social sustainability-impact, and the directions of its development.

The lichen label was born from the need of the Berlin-based Italian born music producer and sound artist Lorenzo Setti (ATŌMI) to cross the barriers imposed by the music industry to, once again, point the public's attention to what is the channelling of creativity in its broadest forms of expression.

Through ATME, ATŌMI brings everything back to a human, direct, "artist-supporter" level, having the ability to decide the timing and modalities for each of the transdisciplinary releases; an act of care that takes place through curating the aesthetics of the publications down to the smallest details, as well as in the production and post-production process of music, images, and ecological and boutique physical formats.

The label thus becomes a channel of connection, a community, which has as its source the collaboration between ATŌMI and a wide variety of artists, a transdisciplinary and multimedia approach that has always characterized his work and enriched his forms and nuances, and as its mouth all the intricate social ramifications that flow into the ocean of a community.

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Artwork by Serjan Burlak

Digital EP
LTD Art Book (3 copies left)
LTD Poster (20 LEFT)

The debut Ep "ARMØNIA", beautifully illustrated by Serjan Burlak ( Biogenic ), mixed and mastered by Davide Cristiani at Bombanella Soundscapes and re-published by ATME Records after the first release through the label Jikken Records, embodies the research, the unceasing curiosity and emotions of the musician and producer ATŌMI artist alias of Lorenzo Setti.

Well acclaimed by the critics that describe it as
“an Ep that goes beyond the boundaries of music” _Radioaktiv

"this electronic album is dark, ambient, and highly textured. Its abstractions form pictures in your mind." _The Prog Mind

“Five tracks for five different types of approach to electronic sound art. This expressive multiplicity clearly reveals the musician’s manyfold potentialities and his extreme compositional flexibility.” _Europa e Cultura Elettronica

The interest in science and ancient writings led the artist to encode a journey started from the planet’s orbit frequencies of the solar system, into music. A musical research that goes beyond the stringent scientific approach and connects to the spiritual and philosophical world through the use of symbols.

Through the combination and the symbolic representation of different cultures, traditions and philosophies, from the Chinese elements to alchemy, from astrology to I Ching through the Indian chakras, hermeticism and the Pythagorean Tetraktys, the five tracks: Unveil, Evolve, Purify, IAM and OM speak of an ascending path.
They go beyond the word and become symbolism, speaking simultaneously with both the conscious and the unconscious part of our being.

Purify, video directed by Alessandra Leone


In 2021, ATŌMI collaborates with the visual artists Chiara De Maria to design a 40 pages limited edition art book to embody his artistic research regarding philosophies and symbolism.
A 25 ltd copies print A5 format with handmade acetate inserts, A3 format artistic poster and QR codes to the videos and free digital download with the aim to find also new paths meaningful to express music without the need of the traditional music supports.
You can find all the details in the Merch section of Bandcamp.


ATŌMI debut EP acquires new horizons and nuances, thanks to the collaboration with five visual artists: Alessandra Leone, Carlo Fanchini, Chiara De Maria, Matteo Gatti and Stefano Benatti.
The intent is to once again cross all the borders, through the re-elaboration of the symbology and concept that permeate the EP, combining five unique ways of conceiving video art.

The concept is simple but opens up to unexpected paths: five tracks, five visual artists and five videos, one per artist.
Although profoundly distant in the choice of subjects, in the aesthetics and shooting technique, the videos are strongly connected and linked to each other, as directed by a single conductor, who conveys emotions and perceptions, above the parts, towards new goals of human awareness.

Unveil (Carlo Fanchini - Okra Collective)

Evolve (Cugeeno Benatti)

Purify (Alessandra Leone)

IAM (Chiara De Maria)

OM (Digitclan)


An A3 size limited edition poster, printed on both sides and entirely designed by Chiara De Maria.
The poster embodies ATŌMI's artistic research on symbolism and archetypes, a bridge between humans' philosophies and cultures of the world through the ages.

The synergy of the creative work between ATŌMI and Chiara De Maria has led both artists to the design of a new series of symbols that merge and re-interpret the interconnections between I-Ching, astronomy and astrology as well as alchemic and Chinese elements and hexagrams and chakras.

Little Floating Oracles

Artwork by Riccardo Franco-loiri

Digital EP

ATŌMI announced his first LP entitled “Little Floating Oracles”, released on October 7th 2022 on Lady Blunt Records and re-released by ATME in 2024.

The album, mixed by Lorenzo Setti and Davide Bombanella at The Groundfloor Studio (IT) and mastered by Lawrence English - defined as “one of the ambient’s modern music masters” by Fact Mag - at Negative Space Studio (AU), comes after his well-acclaimed debut EP “ARMØNIA” (2020, Jikken Records/2024, ATME Records).

The 7-tracks album by Berlin based producer and sound artist was inspired by the concept of fetus, perceived as a physical incarnation of the cosmic essence which embodies the endless knowledge of an Oracle.
ATŌMI translates into sound the beauty and power of this assumption, recreating the atmospheres and going deeper into the various ancestral states of a new life in formation.

With “Little Floating Oracles” we embark on a dense journey through the prenatal existence, starting from high and immaterial planes down to the material and sensorial reality, exploring the borders of dark ambient, contemporary electronic and experimental classical music.

The artwork has been designed by Akasha (Riccardo Franco-Loiri), a Turin based visual artist who combined studies on embryology and scientific aspects with atavistic knowledge regarding the otherworldly soul, taking inspiration from the Upanishads, to literally give life to a piece of art that deepen its roots into a surreal environment in which symbolic forms and dynamism coexist.
He modeled all the main elements of the artwork in Virtual Reality, valuing gesture, fluidity, speed of execution and the infinite possibilities of punctual intervention.
Furthermore, Akasha has been invited by OpenAI to participate in the Artist Program of the newly formed DALL-E 2, a new AI system that can create realistic images and art from a given image or textual prompt, taking the dialogue with technology to a further level. Thanks to this new tool, the AI then created a number of variations of the artwork used for the three singles Oracles, Oneiros and Adela.

“Some of the best track ever produced in the field of ambient techno.” _Threshold Magazine

“ATŌMI’s music feels enormous and all-encompassing. Spellbinding.” _Foxy Digitalis

“One of the best albums of the year.” _RockIt

“One of the most interesting producers of his generation.” _Nicchia Elettronica

“A complex work, practically perfect.” _Radioaktiv

Anemos, video directed by Chiara De Maria

October 7th 2024